Online Video GOP Analyzer

*** NEW - ABR support with key-frame alignment analysis ***


This tool was created to perform quick and informative analysis on video streams & files

The tool retrieves various video and audio information, including video GOP structure

Live streams analysis can be performed only for publicly available streams

Video/Audio Files Analysis:

Click on the "Select a File to Upload" button and select the file from your system

Once selected, Click on "Upload File"

A Progress for the upload process should appear

Once reached 100% the Video Analysis & GOP chart should appear automatically

Hover over GOP chart bars to get more information about the picture

*Video files are limited to 500MB

*All Files are deleted automatically after analysis

Live Stream Analysis:

Enter the URL of the stream, including the protocol, i.e. http, rtmp, rtsp, etc

Enter the analysis time in seconds, or leave blank for 15s

Click on "Get Video/Audio Parameters" to retrieve information about the codecs, frame rate, etc.

Click on "Analyze Stream" to retrieve a GOP chart

Hover over GOP chart bars to get more information about the picture

*Analysis default time is 15s, Max time is 120s

*URLs are not stored on server

*Supported formats: RTSP, RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, icecast, HTTP progressive download and more

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Video/Audio Files Analysis

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Live Stream Analysis

General GOP Structure

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